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21. Juni 2018  19:30 Uhr




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kuratiert von Tobias Frank und Patrick Morarescu
Ziad Rajab Trio
feat. Mathis Mayr

Irene Pascual

Irene Pascual (ESP)
Irene Pascual, (Spain, 1976) lives and works in Berlin since 2004. She is graduated both in Art History and Set Design.
Pascual’s artistic interest focuses in the crossing of boundaries between artistic languages; being her main techniques painting-drawing and performance. Her paintings often reflect on presence in time and space andher performances in colour, plasticity and texture.
In her last performances she has shifted her practice towards participation and the mechanisms of putting the public in the centre of the artistic process, in order to give them tools to interact and find their own creativedrive.
In the series “Walky Leaks”, which started in 2012, she uses the form of the guided tour to connect space, time, history and fic tion. In 2007 she co-founded the performance research group Invalid Address and sincethen has presented both, solo and group performances in Bulgaria, England, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Cameroun, Spain and Sweden.
Irene Pascual’s drawings and paintings, imbued with strong gesture, colours and forms, are resulting from a sort of “vomiting” impulse o f subconscious, provocation and playfulness. Her very unique style touchesnaivety, pop and expressionism. She exhibited her works in England, Luxembourg, Taiwan, and multiple towns in Germany, Mexico and Spain.
Besides her artistic practice she has worked as curator and art manager organizing exhibitions, performance and video art festivals and coordinated several research projects. During 7 years, she was the direc tor of theArtist in Residence Program GlogauAIR in Berlin and now is involved with the management of the “Minako Seki Creative Dojo Project”, which holistically combines artistic expression and performance with health,
meditation and nature.

Yuko Kaseki


Yuko Kaseki is a director of company cokaseki, choreographer, Butoh dancer, performer, improviser and teacher who based in Berlin since 1995. She has been involved in various projects with musicians such as Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Antonis Anissegos, Emilio Gordoa, miu, and performers such as Sherwood Chen, Shinichi Iova Koga, Minako Seki, Christine Bonansea, Roland Walter and artists such as Chiharu Shiota, Arata Mori, Nikhil Chopra, Morvarid K and more. Solo and ensemble performances, improvisations are performed in 27 countries. These works are poetic and vivid images that incorporate the spirit of Butoh and her performance aims to reflect the outsider’s existence. Collaboration with inkBoat (SF), Tableau Stations (SF), CAVE (NY), Poema Theater (Moscow), 4RUDE (Bln), Theater Thikwa (Bln), and others

The Syrian Ziad Rajab grew up in Aleppo, a famous musical crossroads to which musicians from all over the Arab world once flocked, and it was there that he received his first musical influences. His style of interpretation, plethoric yet at once minimalistic, is breath-catching as it balances the influences of a very ancient musical crossroads, an acoustic landscape bursting with energy. Together with his greek musicians, supported by the Cello-Player Mathias Mayr from Munich, their music sounds like the modern Europe, with influences from greek, arabic and westeuropean sounds.





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